ART4ALL 11-13 SEPTEMBER 2015 a fabulous weekend of fine art and family fun

Botanical Delirium
This weekend, Fri 11 to Sun 13 September, 2015, see my entries- “Botanical Delirium’  above, & “Sweet Butterfly of Delicate Control” at ART 4 ALL 2015 at Fairfield Primary School, Langridge Street, Fairfield, VIC.                                                                                                                                                                            Art4All is a community art show that is open for anyone to enter at no cost, and each year features a number of well-known, collectable Melbourne artists. Art4All is more than an art show. It is a celebration of visual and performing arts, and an opportunity not just for adults and art lovers, but for children to see, experience and enjoy fabulous and interesting art and to immerse themselves in creativity over a fun weekend. Art 4 All celebrates Australian art, local artists and performers.                                                 GALLERY HOURS:                                                                                                                         FRIDAY 6PM-9PM, SATURDAY 10AM-3PM, SUNDAY 10AM-3PM

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