Sharyn Del Giudice
Melbourne, Australia

Bio: Artsillusion, the name I use for you to allow yourself to daydream, imagine and be immersed into my art. Sharyn Del Giudice, I'm an artist, creating for you by combining photography with drawing to arrive at the imagery created for you in my paintings. Subject matter is nature inspired, derived from personal experiences and infused with awe. Compositions, usually of acrylic and mixed mediums reflect my continually evolving contemporary style whilst creating the sense of a place you’d like to enter while your imagination is intrigued. . My passion for painting is defined by using and exploring various techniques to create light, energy, emotion, movement and texture, with the use of brushes, palette knives and sponges. Artsillusion, a collection of work defined by thought inspiring images designed to take you somewhere else whilst spiraling into daydreaming. Enjoy!

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