CALENDAR 2015, 5

Hope Road 

Price:  $850 – Original  60 x 91cm             $175 – Canvas Prints 30x45cm

Welcome to the journey but, travel here only of your own will.  This road may take you wherever you alone will allow it to venture.  Your road, your dream, your vision, yours to determine, yours to explore, yours to be part of for a fleeting moment. Illumination of this road lined with blackened trees & foliage anew, takes you along the unknown path of gold brightened skies.  From dark green shrub to rich reds, oranges & light filled yellows, this acrylic, delicately layered sponged & brushed canvas lets you venture the enlightened path of Hope Road. Only you decide as it’s your reality, enjoy the road & believe in the destination.


Swirling of The Coloured Zebra

Swirling of the Coloured Zebra                                                                                                                         Price:  NFS – Original  61 x 92cm ,  $165 – Canvas Prints 30.5x46cm

Free flowing swirling transformation of zebra stripes into an unfolding slow motion surge of a wave drenched in vibrant shimmering colours infused with emotion.  Predominantly coloured with deep green tinged turquoise with flashes of fuchsia, mauve and touches of orange and ruby.  From delicate precision to palette knife play.  Be immersed and flow, be immersed and drown in the Swirling of the Coloured Zebra.


Coloured Emotions

Womb of Coloured Emotions            

Price:  $850 – Original  61 x 61cm                      $160 – Canvas Prints 40x40cm

Enter this world of Coloured Emotions, formative yet culminating into an insurgence of multicoloured provocative release.  Predominately coloured in blues, smeared with palette knife flashes of mauve & rich brown along with raised splatters of green, red and yellow.



Zebra Reflections

Zebra Reflections                                                                             Price:  $850 – Original 76 x 101cm                                                        $160 – Canvas Prints 30x40cm

Distinctive, unique, black & white, white & black: shape, movement and form.  Simply roaming away, gentle creator of mesmerizing effects, so many permutations, all differing from the rest.  The majestic zebra in this painting roams away whilst the reflection in the lower section of the canvas suggests she’s taking you into oblivion, take the time and follow her in Zebra Reflections.




Swirling Zebra Reflections 76 x 102cm              Price: Original SOLD                                           $195 – Canvas Prints 40x50cm

Close your eyes imagine looking at the rump of a zebra then in circular motion swirl the flattened pattern to the right.  Two thirds of the way down this black & white canvas a reflection is introduced.  Psychedelic musing, enjoy Swirling Zebra Reflections!


my zebras

Zebra Love  76 x 91cm                                                              Price: Original SOLD                                                             $195 – Canvas Prints 30x45cm

They are of united distinction, inseparable eternally, unquestionably true love.  In the background, heart of the horizon complemented by two zebras uniting in a mirror like image in the foreground & a reflection effect enhances the scene.  Acrylic Black & White connection, with blue & purple completes this composition, Zebra Love.



CALENDAR 2015, 6

Leaves of Madagascar   Price:  $750 – Original  61 x 76cm,

$170 – Canvas Prints 40x50cm

Hypoestes phyllostachya, commonly called Polka Dot Plant, is a herbaceous plant native to Madagascar and cultivated as an ornamental plant.  My daughter’s photo of this plant was the inspiration for 3 paintings.

Leaves of Madagascar, from photo to canvas; 3D awareness, alive with exotic colour & texture, whilst conveying the plants ornamental overlapping natural beauty.  Striking variegated foliage coloured from the palest sweet pink to the deepest vibrant pink with darkest green detail, highlighted for effect with piped lime green dribbles.  Effect developed by layering the paint with sponge dabbling and outlining leaves with piped coloured gel medium.  An exhilarating labour of love.                                                                                                                                                     


Leaves Of Madagascar ripple Pink & Green leaf ripple                      Price:  $500– Original  60 x 75cm         $140 – Canvas Prints 40x50cm

Imagine the original photo from which Leaves of Madagascar originated, now let’s swirl the leaves in clockwise circular motion into a rippling pool of colour, a rippling pool of circular symmetry.     In and out of conscious dreaming, let your mind relax with the flow of colour drenched, gently                                                                                                             brushed waters; a circular spectrum                                                                                                             of Pink & Green leaf ripple.



Ripples of Tranquility                                                             Price:  $1,500 – Original  76 x 122cm                                            $150   – Canvas Prints 25 x 38cm

Triple Aqua Ripple ̴ Adaption of Pink & Green Leaf ripple painting; a rippling pool of colour, a rippling pool of circular symmetry.   Now, imagine this rippling pool effect segmented in three vertical sections.  Drowning pools of emotion born of reflective imagery dispersed within the flow.  In and out of conscious dreaming, let your mind relax with the flow of colour drenched, gently brushed waters;  circular spectrums predominantly bought to life in colours of aquas, blues, turquoise & pink tinged mauve, Ripples of Tranquility.



Daintree Dreaming 1

Daintree Dreaming One                                                   Price:  $1,650 Original  92 x 122cm                         

$180- Canvas Prints  30x40cm

My first composition in a series of three, evolving from a photo I took in the Daintree Rainforest in late September 2013 whilst holidaying with my daughter.  Looking skywards, the shimmering sunlight glimpses through the treetops filling its surroundings with contrasting brightness.  Immersion of Blues, yellows and purples; repeatedly layered, gently sponged shapes fill the brush finished canvas.  Enter the dream and explore where it takes you, Daintree Dreaming 1.



CALENDAR 2015, 2

Daintree Dreaming Two                                                   Price $890  – Original  76 x 101cm                                             $160 – Canvas Prints 30x40cm

Close your eyes and open them looking skywards the shimmering sunlight glimpses through the treetops filling its surroundings with contrasting brightness. This time, Immersion of Aquas, purples, orange & green; repeatedly layered, gently sponged shapes fill the brush finished canvas.  Some dreams are darker than others,  Daintree Dreaming 2.



Daintree Dreaming 3


Daintree Dreaming Three                                                $2500 – Original   92 x 152cm                                               $240 – Canvas Prints 30x50cm

Take three, rest your eyes then open them anew looking skywards the shimmering sunlight glimpses through the treetops filling its surroundings with contrasting brightness.  Yet again another perspective of explosive colour; Immersion of Reds, greens and aqua; repeatedly layered, gently sponged shapes fill the brush finished canvas.  Dream of illumination, all senses awakened, enlightened and free, Daintree Dreaming 3.





Grevillea in Glory                                                                            Price:  $800 – Original  76 x 101cm                                           $150 – Canvas Prints 30x40cm

Australian Native at Heidi ̴̴ simplified to the stylized wallpaper like design.  Explosive presence, scintillation, glory: a penetrating connection. Each shape outlined in black, the Grevillea flower in full bloom of luscious deep pinks & reds, surrounded by enhancing foliage of greens, greys, lemon & sweet pale rose; line, colour, movement, dominance and contrast,  Grevillea in Glory.




Botanical Delirium

Botanical Delirium  Price:  $2,018- Original  92 x 122cm,

$200 – Canvas Prints 30x40cm

Botanicals in blues ̴ get lost in 3D lush dreams, imagine laying in a garden infused with 1000’s of fragrant blooms of aqua, violet & blues.  Drift to Depth and then back to a forefront of azure & indigo delights in this “Botanical Delirium”.


Butterfly Blu

 Sweet Butterfly of Delicate Control                            Price:  $520 – Original  76 x 90cm                                    

Dream of him balancing in delicate control on the tip of this succulently veined leaf, his form strengthened by the balance of colour ̴ negative exposure.  Vibrant blues, purples & violets, highlighted with the brightness of variations of white, mauve & touches of aqua.  Sweet Butterfly of Delicate Control.




calender 1

Butterfly Blue  Price:  $750 – Original  76 x 90cm,  $170 Canvas Prints 40 x 50cm

As she rests on the grass in full wing span, close in, the moment is captured.  Then with a trick of the light colours are reversed into negative light with tones of aqua tweaking the effect. Palette knife strokes define the blades of grass that build a bed for her to wait.  Wings of paintbox definition, wings of delicately stretched silkButterfly Blue.

calender 2Julia’s Butterfly                                              $180 – only Canvas Prints 40 x 50cm

Reverse the colours back to that taken in the original photograph by Julia down at Tootgarook and the process reveals it’s successful completion.   After painting Butterfly Blue I photographed my artwork and reversed the colours to arrive at this print which remarkably resembles Julia’s original photo which was the inspiration for Butterfly Blue.   photo, painting, photo, print which mirror the                                                                                                              image of original photo.


calender 7

Ruby ̴ The Beloved Entertainer  45 x 55cm

Tribute painting to our kitty, my kitty “Ruby ̴ The Beloved Entertainer”.  For 12 ½ years, the gentlest soul, playful & true, loved by all & now she sits prominently in our home forevermore.

Original – NOT FOR SALE.

Canvas Prints only:  $160 – 30x40cm




CALENDAR 2015, 7

Still Life ̴ “Sum of Me”                                                                                                                                                   Price:   $450 –  Original, black wooden frame behind glass, 46.5 x 57cm

Sculpture, photography, painting.  Static depiction of my original clay pieces & pot, that I also photographed, placed strategically in my water coloured composition.  Neutrals, greys, red & orange give this piece it’s rustic energy.  Sum of Me.



Sundrenched Dreaming at Heidi                     Price:  $500 – Original  90 x 90cm                             $100 – Canvas Prints 30x30cm

I’ll take you there on a rainbow coloured surging wave where a pink bloom emerges skyward from the residing flow.  Clear, sundrenched blue sky encompasses the view where dreaming begins.  Inspired by a photo I took in the gardens at Heidi Park, Templestowe.                                      Sundrenched Dreaming at Heidi.


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